Macro Monday 2017.17...


Tomorrow begins Distracted Driving Awareness Week in the State of Illinois. Nationwide, April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. But only Illinois has a week... apparently.


I get the intent behind this observation and applaud it but more needs to be done. Just saying that you are designating a week of educational opportunities is not enough.

I propose an app that tracks a phone's lack of use.

Theaters use an app of this sort to reward users by activating the app at the start of a movie and then ensuring your phone is not used for the duration of the film. Users gain points toward free concessions and tickets.

For this app, distance and travel time would be tracked and then rewards can be given by a user's insurance company. To ensure they're not being played (as much), GPS remains enabled so movement of the phone is verifiable.

Insurance companies can even provide policy discounts.

This might work to motivate people to not drive distracted, wouldn't you think?