I have a strange history with the BBC's Doctor Who. I started watching it about five years ago when it became readily available on DVD from my library and also on Netflix.

I loved season one with Christopher Eccleston and wasn't sure I wanted to keep going because I didn't want to see him replaced by another actor.

A few months later, I started watching Doctor 10 with David Tennant and realized that there actually was someone better than Eccleston. Tennant became my Doctor having just the most insanely geeky charm and some of the most well-written episodes of the show EVER.

But, hey, I was wrong once about them never being able to improve on a good thing, so I gave Matt Smith's Doctor 11 a chance. Save for a handful of episodes, watching his three-season run on the show was painful. But it was no real fault of Matt's. I hated the new showrunner, Steven Moffat. Despite Moffat writing some of my favorite Tennant episodes, he took the show, as a whole, down a really dark alley that killed the fun and joy that had been the show up to that point. And I also hated that none of the guest stars from previous seasons ever came back save for one giant battle for Earth anniversary episode. Meh.

So when Smith was replaced by Peter Capaldi as Doctor 12, I never watched a single episode. I had been completely burned out.

The other day, though, Katie told me some news about rumored casting for Doctor 13...

You all know Kris Marshall whether you realize it or not. He co-starred in Love Actually and had some of the more interesting scenes. Colin was the guy who left England hoping that his cute accent and neverending supply of condoms would get him a lifetime's worth of American female tail in, of all places, Milwaukee.

It seemed to have worked.

[From left, Elisha Cuthbert of 24, January Jones of Mad Men, Marshall, and Ivana Milicevic of Gotham. They are later joined by Shannon Elizabeth of American Pie.]

And now Marshall could be the new Doctor Who? I can get behind that. No, I'm not expecting a rampant stream of sex jokes or the like. This is, after all, 14 years later. He's been acting ever since but only in British TV and movies. Nothing this side of the pond that I can see on his IMDb profile. 

What I am expecting is a bit of geeky charm and endless wit much like what Tennant brought to the role and what I got from the few episodes I liked with Smith.

Oh, and if this happens, I wouldn't be entirely upset.

Marshall could make me start watching again. Here's hoping this rumor becomes a reality.

Wait! This is British... Here's hoping this rumour becomes a reality.