Movies just haven't been a priority for Katie and I since the advent of Nathan. We'd like to see more; we just don't. 

It's not just going out to see them either. We don't check them out from the library like we used to, we've still never used Redbox at all, and we rarely look for stuff on Netflix. 

If it's not a Nateflix, we tend to miss it.

So imagine my surprise when I saw the to-do list on our DVR after I got an email announcing a free weekend of HBO. I went a little crazy.

X-Men Apocalypse

Crimson Peak

Suicide Squad

Speed Racer

The Nice Guys

Independence Day: Resurgence

I even considered recording Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. But, despite featuring Gal Gadot's debut as Wonder Woman, I just can't watch it given the reviews I've read. 


Strikes me as 3.5 hours I'll never get back.