This last presidential campaign cycle as well as the election and post-inauguration apocalypse have turned friends, coworkers, neighbors, and family against each other in ways I've never seen before. It has resulted in everything from just unfollowing someone on social media to families not speaking to verbal and physical battles. It's really kinda scary that we cannot work through such differences in a more civil way.

But have you ever unfollowed or stopped speaking to someone for sharing the same point of view as your own?

There's someone on Twitter that I've been friends with for several years. I'm not sure how we met because I don't believe we have any shared friends, but isn't that the way of things on social media? Anyway, her posts, for the longest time, were very innocuous.

Then Trump was elected and this woman has started to go wayyyyyyyyy off. "Innocuous" does not apply even in the slightest way.

[No, Marie, it's not you.]

As I said, I do share her anti-Trump agenda, but her posts are getting annoying. I get tired of seeing them in my timeline mostly because they're not very well thought out, are always combative, full of grammar errors, and almost seem like a liberal equivalent of Trump's own late-night Twitter rants.

I can't really talk to her about it as she's got her drive and I'm certain she's not changing course until her ultimate goal is achieved, if ever. And I can't really mute her, per se, because I use different clients to read Twitter depending on the device I happen to be on at the time. Mutes won't carry over from one client to another if each client even offers that service.

I have no idea how long this is going to last. It could be months, years... who knows?

Do I unfollow her? What would you do?