Tu(n)esday: EarPods...
TBT: 45s...


Every day, I am amazed at how quickly time flies. It's already April. Whaaa??

And with this first week or so of April comes the start of the Major League Baseball season! And the end of the National Hockey League regular season! My two favorite sports, both in a big transition period.

Do I think the Cubs can dominate the Major Leagues like they did last year both with their season-best win-loss record and their winning of the World Series? Can they repeat?


I feel they certainly still have the tools at their disposal to do so. The concern is if they are living too much in the afterglow of last season and lose sight of what's up ahead. I think they'll move past the, er, past and be right on track to do some damage again this season. But there are a lot of teams gunning for them so they'd better watch themselves.

What about their south-side brethren, the White Sox?


The team brass made some interesting moves in the off-season and spring training in the name of rebuilding. Maybe not quite as dramatic as Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer did with the Cubs a few seasons ago, but they could be moves in a positive direction. Their farm system should be great for some years to come.

Yes, I do love the Sox despite being a Cubs fan. I will root for the Sox every day they play... except against the Cubs. A fan's gotta have his limits, right?

Can the Blackhawks win another Stanley Cup?


Yeah, I really think they can. They've been on fire the last month and that's what they typically do going into a really successful post-season onslaught. They dominate late and show that they still have the mental and physical fuel necessary to own it into June. That's a brutally long post-season. Ugh.

Suffice it to say, LET'S GO, CHICAGO!!