Macro Monday 2017.15...

Tu(n)esday: Ribfest...

In a nearby town is a little annual festival known as Ribfest. I used to go to this festival when I lived in this town. Years ago. Back when it really was little. 

These days? It's not so little anymore. Now it's just a huge mass of sweaty people eating ribs and drinking beer and listening to loud music. 

I hate festivals in case it isn't obvious. And I haven't been to this one in about a decade. Not since I had the opportunity to finally see Big Head Todd & the Monsters, a band I have loved for a long time yet had never seen live. 

We have not been back because of how miserable it was.

But this year, there's a pretty interesting lineup on a couple days and I'm a little intrigued. 

On one day, we could see The B-52s and Flock of Seagulls. On another, we could see Better Than Ezra and The Wallflowers. 

Of course I really want to see The B-52s and Katie really would prefer the other day. Not that I have anything against BTE and Jakob Dylan but... KATE PIERSON!!! One of my all-time favorite vocalists!! 


No one compares to Kate Pierson.

No one.

Maybe Tina Turner. 

Why does it always happen this way? This is how it always goes for Eric and me when deciding on a day for Pitchfork. D'oh!!

But, let's be serious. Knowing our history with this festival, we probably won't go any day. 

*le sigh*