Black iP(od)...


16 years, cavity free. 

That's right... I haven't had a cavity in just short of 16 years. It's actually possible it has been eight years longer than that but I think, for some reason, I did have one shortly after we got married. I'm not 100% though, but I'm playing the odds against being cavity free for 24 years. 

Until today. On this day in 2017, courtesy of a brand new x-ray system purchased by our dentist, I have three cavities.

All are located on the side surfaces between my teeth and are the back three teeth in my bottom right side. The doc says it's likely it happened this way because I either chew dominantly on that side or I sleep primarily on that side and my saliva pools there at night. I'm guessing the latter because I do know I sleep on my right side and I make a conscious effort to flip flop my chew sides. 

Whatever. I have three cavities. Dirty, rotten, mofo teeth. See if I let you bite anything fun again. 


Not my teeth but this looks eerily similar to what I was shown today.