Russell Walks...

Have you ever heard of Russell Walks? If you're not familiar with him and consider yourself a fan of Star Wars and other forms of pop culture, you really should be.

Russell Walks is an artist. An amazing artist. He specializes in both traditional art as well as digital design and illustration. And he loves Star Wars, passionately. He has a whole page of Star Wars art on his website. Seriously! Visit his website and click on "star wars." Everything else falls under "not star wars." I find that distinction hilarious. Although the artwork available is anything but funny. It's awe inspiring.

Anyway, I'm not writing this just to plug his art. Well, actually I am. But there is one piece in particular that I absolutely love that I cannot find on his website. At least I think it belongs to him. I suppose I'll find out if he ever reads this and confirms one way or the other.


This piece is titled "The Call to Adventure" and features a young Luke Skywalker attempting to read a military recruitment poster, presumably for the Imperial Navy, on the outer wall of a building, while his Uncle Owen drags him literally away from the poster and figuratively away from his dreams and back to the reality of their existence in the Outer Rim.

I think it's just such a unique piece and it makes Star Wars feel so much more real and attainable yet full of longing in terms of our dreams of greatness. And it also has a very strong Norman Rockwell vibe. I love Rockwell. Always have.

But, seriously, check out Walks' art. His Star Wars propaganda art is amazing.