Macro Monday 2017.23...


After a couple weeks of nothing but LEGO movies including the feature film as well as Batman and Scooby Doo variants, we felt it was time for a detox.

So we put in the Disney classic Peter Pan.


He's seen it before but he was enthralled nonetheless.

I mentioned to Katie how happy I was that he enjoys the classics even if this one promotes alcohol abuse (rum), tobacco use (Hook's two-stogie pipe), child neglect (parents leave kids home alone to attend a party), child endangerment (the whole freaking movie), rampant racism (anything with the "redskins"), gender inequity (no Lost Girls, were there?), terrorism (mailbomb from Hook to Peter), bodily dismemberment (duh), and a general distaste for codfish. 

I mean, seriously, what's up with the cod hate?