TBT: Landlines...


Tonight marks the release of War for the Planet of the Apes, a movie I'm looking very forward to seeing. I love the PotA movies. Every one I've seen. Well, except that disastrous Mark Wahlberg piece of trash that marked my decline in appreciation for Director Tim Burton. 

But these new ones that have been coming out since 2011? They are reboots done right! The writing is astounding. The directing is spot-on. The acting is fantastic. The visual effects are second to none. I dare you to find anything wrong with them. 

What's even more unbelievable about them is that they survived a directorial change between Rise and Dawn (from Rupert Wyatt to Matt Reeves) and not a single human character has appeared in more than one film to provide series consistency. From James Franco and Freida Pinto and Tom Felton in Rise to Gary Oldman and Keri Russell and Jason Clarke in Dawn to Woody Harrelson in War

The glue is Andy Serkis as ape leader Caesar. He is that consistency. He is the spark that keeps the story moving.


[image courtesy of thevirtualassist.net]

And he does so splendidly, in a role that is solely motion capture.

Now, Serkis would like some official recognition for his hard work and that of other mo-cap actors. In the form of Academy Awards, no less.

He deserves it. Unreservedly. His War co-star and fellow mo-cap ape Steve Zahn has praised him as "one of the best actors I have ever worked with. He might be the best actor I have ever worked with."

Turns out I even said so after watching Dawn for the first time. 

Now that there is a head of steam building behind it, what else needs to be done to make it happen?