Today, we attended a grandkids pool party at my parents' neighborhood. My parents head up the grandparents planning committee and they love planning these events all the time and the kids love going. 

In fact, the kids love it so much that they all know my parents. They cluster around my dad and play with him and have names for him. It's kinda weird. 

There's one pair of sisters that really weirded me out. Get this... out of nowhere, I start hearing the girls yell out "Candyman! Candyman! Can we hug you?"

Okay, I get that my dad is the next door neighbor of their grandparents and that he's known for having great Halloween candy and prepping Easter eggs for the annual hunt but... damn, that's creepy. I looked over at some random guy who was at the party and was like, "I've heard horror movies that start with that line." He nodded in agreement. 

I guess this makes my dad Tony Todd.