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If you have not yet seen Wonder Woman, please consider skipping this post as it contains a MASSIVE spoiler.

The warning is covered, you are reading at your own risk. I've done my part.

In the movie Wonder Woman, the titular character (I really should've thought of a better adjective) discovers that the way to end World War I is to destroy Ares, the God of War, who is basically responsible for corrupting man and making them fight. When she accomplishes this, the war does end. And all is peaceful. One of the final scenes shows Germans, Americans, French, and British all celebrating together.

Now, never mind just how horribly this screws up all other DC movie timelines. I mean, why would superheroes be needed in a world of peace? The upcoming Justice League movie is rendered unnecessary. Considering how horribly fouled up it promises to be, this may be a good thing. Or is the present in which Wonder Woman now exists an alternate timeline like the Kelvin Timeline we now have in the Star Trek universe?

I digress as I now have a headache.

So this got me wondering what it would be like if this were truly the case.

What if there was a keystone entity that could be killed or otherwise destroyed that would suddenly create an almost mystical peace amongst all creatures great and small because it would topple the hierarchy of evil that it created?

To what extremes would you go to upend this being?

Would you be willing to sacrifice your life to destroy it knowing that you would give the world this peace?

Who would that be?

Things that make you go hmmm.