Macro Monday 2017.28...


It's been all over entertainment websites and social media so there's no reason for me to go into details, but I just want to take a moment to say that it truly sucks that Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park are leaving Hawaii Five-0. Truly. Sucks.

The pair, who played Chin Ho Kelly and Kono Kalakaua, respectively, wanted a pay bump reportedly to a level equal to the two "big stars" of the show, Alex O'Loughlin and Scott Caan. And while CBS said they were offered a substantial raise, it was not enough. 


I'm not going to get into the charges of racism that have been leveled. But I will venture into the equality issue. 

For the first several years that the show has been on the air, and much in line with the original series, the de facto stars of the show were Steve McGarrett (O'Loughlin) and Danny Williams (Caan). However, a couple years ago, Caan decided that the constant travel between his home on the mainland and his job on site in Hawaii was taking a toll on his family (totally understandable) and scaled his role back to what amounts to about half time. But he's still making an amount akin to what the star of a long-running TV show would make. I believe it's the same that O'Loughlin earns. 

In the two ensuing years, new stars have been added to the regular cast and guest stars have come in to fill the void. But the biggest steps-up have been made by Kim and Park whose roles have increased dramatically. Based on this, and the fact that they are two of the only cast members who have been there since the start, and I feel it's safe to say they have earned a huge pay bump. 

Argue all you want that McGarrett is the star. That's fine. I can see that point of view. But not when it comes to Caan. He's a half timer. I understand putting family first but if you're not putting in the time, you shouldn't get the dime. The difference in pay between O'Loughlin and Kim/Park should be covered by Caan's overpay in salary. Anybody in the real working world would have been replaced already. FMLA only covers you for so long. 

It just sucks. The show won't be the same without them. Not even close.