Macro Monday 2017.29...


Ever since Marty started reviewing Oreo cookies and other snack foods, I've been chomping (pun fully intended) at the bit to find Limited Edition flavors that he hasn't already reviewed on his site. I think I found another!

The Oreo du Jour is Jelly Donut!!!


While I admit it sounded a bit weird mostly because I feared they would be trying to out-sweet themselves, a pratfall of many of their limited edition flavors, it was pretty darn good!

You start with two Golden Oreo cookies on the outside. The outer ring of the filling is a new custard flavor that really tastes a lot like the normal cream but with a little added sweetness. It's also softer than the normal filling. Oh, and then there's the inner ring of the filling which is raspberry!


All the flavors work together nicely and tastes great either as a full bite straight through or with the more beloved deconstructionist approach.

This flavor is a Walmart exclusive and was part of a public vote last year at which time voters picked Cookies n' Creme to win, but Oreo decided to release the second place flavor as well and I'm glad they did. Both Nathan and I really like this one.

Considering Nathan's enjoyment of it, I will be getting more. I hope this is a permanent new flavor, despite what the packaging says. I really do.