Macro Monday 2017.29...

Tu(n)esday/MFS: Aphex Twin...

In grad school, I took a music video appreciation class. In it, I was introduced to the electronic/synthesizer stylings of Richard D. James, AKA Aphex Twin.

The video was "Come to Daddy" and it was one of the most terrifying things I've ever seen.

And I was hooked. ...I Care Because You Do, Drukqs, Syro. Utter synthesized awesomeness. He has the ability to easily vacillate between a snarling roar and more melodic head trips has always fascinated me.

My go-to album has always been the Richard D. James Album and I can listen to it beginning to end. And my favorite track is "Cornish Acid." It has an incredibly strong, energetic beat and it grabs you and shakes out any lethargy that may be present. 

On a related note, Aphex Twin released a new track recently in collaboration with Korg synthesizer engineer and director Tatsuya Takahashi called "Korg Funk 5" and it's amazing and gorgeous and layered and complex and... just listen!

I need to keep listening.