I wear contact lenses. Therefore, when we go to the pool, I have goggles on my eyes at all times. They keep splashing water from wiping the lens off my eyeball and they're UV protected to keep me from squinting in the reflected sunlight. I love them.

Well, I usually love them.

They're a bit of a mixed blessing. I preserve my contact lenses and my corneas but I can see all the crap that floats in the pool. 

Like Band-aids. Just sheer nastiness.


[photo from Gord's Swim Log where he very appropriately describes this syndrome as "Band-aid Battlefield"]

There're few things worse than being underwater and realizing you suddenly need to swerve around a used band-aid floating in limbo ahead of you like a chained-down mine in the open ocean. Gah! Okay, maybe a cloud of yellow... or a "Baby Ruth." Gah-ah-ah!

I swear I blogged about this before but I cannot find it. Yes, I have a search function on this blog but it's lackluster and I have zero motivation to dig too deeply. Not for Band-aid floaters.