Macro Monday 2017.31...


It's been 11.5 years, but I finally decided to try selling items on eBay again. Actually, I should qualify that statement... I decided to try selling physical items on eBay again. A couple years ago, I sold some digital trading cards. Well, one... one digital trading card because no one wanted the other few.

Anyway, I listed five Funko POP figures I no longer wanted. I set the auctions for 10 days because, otherwise, they'd end while I was on vacation. Two out of five sold. Oddly, they were the two I set at higher starting prices and, while one only got a single bid, the other got 13 bids and sold for $27 after initially setting it for $10.


But, of course, the guy is trying to back out of the larger sale. He says he had a car accident recently and really shouldn't have bought this. So why did he bid in the first place?

We've had discussions about trying to block him as a bidder to discount his win (can't block him after the auction has closed), trying to offer it to the second-highest bidder (not easy to figure out and I'd prefer to not do so right now), and just cancel the sale and re-list it (again, something I'd rather not do).

Come tomorrow, I'm just going to invoice the guy and see what happens.