TBT: Landlines...

This is our home phone. It's one of a pair of phones we have at home connected to the home phone number Katie and I have had since 2001.


Why is this a throwback? Well, it's not just yet. But if AT&T and the State of Illinois have their way, it will be throwback very soon. Y'see, AT&T wants to discontinue the provision of traditional landline service to all its customers in the state. 

Me? I'm fine with it just so long as my Uverse package is duly downcharged. I never use the phone. I haven't in years. I've been wanting to nix it and this is the impetus for me to do it. 

But I understand the concerns of those who live in shitty coverage areas like farmland and the deep downtown Chicago area like the Loop. Then there are senior citizens who either cannot afford or have fears of cellular technology.

I'm curious to see how this pans out.