Macro Monday 2017.32...


Nathan seems to have his first crush. 

Next month, he turns five.

What the what?!?!

Anytime we go to the pool, Nathan likes to wave to the lifeguards — all of them — until they wave back. He loves to do it. 

This last weekend, however, there was one particular lifeguard he waved to and, when she switched guard posts, instead of waiting for the next guard, he followed her. 

I asked him why he kept waving to her and he said, "Daddy, I like her."

That he corrected himself, "No, daddy, I love her. Can I invite her to my birthday?" 

My son is Squints.


And she is his Wendy Peffercorn. 


Wow. Just wow. 


I hope Nathan doesn't hate me in the future for posting this.