Macro Monday 2017.32...


The other day, I went to the post office to send a package. I took out my new-ish Discover card to pay for it but had forgotten to sign the back of the card. The cashier asked me to sign the back so I wrote "See ID" on the back, which is what I do with ALL cards. 

She then asked me to sign beside "See ID." I asked her what the point of that would be. She pointed to a sign that said all credit cards must be signed or the USPS will not accept them for payment. So I gave her my bank debit card, also signed with "See ID," which she was fine with. 


I don't get it. I could've found that card lying unsigned out in the street and, by signing the back, I've established my ability to use it. She didn't care at all about seeing my driver's license. 

What I offered to do, on the other hand, was allow her to see my ID which would let her see that my image belongs with my name and my signature. That is three times better than what they were asking for. And it wasn't good enough. 

There are just so many opportunities for fraud here, aren't there?