As you may or may not recall, Nathan was totally into Thomas trains for the longest time. Classic Wooden, Take 'n' Play diecast, mechanized Trackmaster, and Mini.

The only issue was that with each type of train toy came a different type of track (sometimes more)... Classic Wooden wood track, Take 'n' Play plastic version 1 & 2, Trackmaster plastic version 1 & 2, and Mini rails. When he wanted to use one, we had to break down anything else he had out or risk our home looking like a rail yard. It was a pain in the ass.

Thankfully (and not), once he discovered LEGO, it was over for Thomas. We still have all his Thomas stuff but it's in boxes. I'm thankful because with a focus on LEGO, there's no need to limit him to one type of track or the other at one time. LEGO is LEGO. 

The other day, I got an email from Fisher Price, the U.S. distributor of Thomas and Friends toys. The email was meant to announce Super Station, a new playset and track type... THAT WORKS WITH ALL FOUR TYPES OF TRAINS!!


Look at all these happy co-existing trains!

Not only that but every building element within Super Station has either nooks or hooks that work as storage for engines. 

It's brilliant but... WHAT THE WHAT??? Where the hell was all this two years ago?? Or 20 years ago as they began to introduce more than just Classic Wooden. 

I want to both hug and smack the creator.