TBT: Trebunskya...

Last year, I posted a Throwback Thursday of Katie with Olympic figure skating champion Evan Lysacek and his Dancing with the Stars partner Anna Trebunskya from 2010.

I figured I'd post a follow-up with a couple more shots from that day. Specifically of Trebunskya herself. I'm not sure why I took these. I wasn't specifically trying to get pictures of her. It just worked it that way and she was very easy on the lens.

I love this shot of the two of them doing a spin. Her hair is so alive. I do wish the centering was better but her kinetic hair needed to all be in the shot.


This one is great because it is just a simple portrait of her looking out at the crowd and smiling. Nothing funny. Just a great shot. 


And both were completely accidental photos. I wish that happened more often.