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Tu(n)esday/MFS: KISS...

For this edition of Tu(n)esday/My Favorite Song, I would like to talk about one of my all-time favorite bands. A band that I have known longer than any band and been a fan of longer than just about any other. That band? KISS. 

Sure, I was a fan of other bands first, but am I still a fan of those bands? When I need to rock out or pick up after a bad day, have these other bands been there for me? No and no. 

Then there is also my history with them because of my friend Mike and his lifelong obsession with them. That always helps. 

As for albums and songs, most people lean toward Destroyer and "Detroit Rock City" or Dressed To Kill and "Rock and Roll All Nite," but not me. 

For my money, nothing will ever beat Love Gun.


Picking a song is a little tougher. I love them all and almost always listen to Love Gun track by track from beginning to end. 



I suppose if I were forced to pick just one, I have to go with the classic "Plaster Caster." Written as a tribute to Cynthia Albritton, a groupie who would cast male genitalia in plaster as art, it's really just a good rocking song. 

Plus there's also a killer acoustic version on the MTV Unplugged album.

Any KISS preferences for you?