TBT: Halloween...


So, say a big multinational retailer that sells, well, just about anything you can imagine that runs the gamut from A to Z offered you the opportunity to have anything you order from them delivered not just to your home but inside your house if you have a special lock on your door that would provide access to this company’s delivery drivers, would you do it?

Amazon is gambling you will.

Welcome to Amazon Key.


With a special lock, camera, and smartphone app, delivery drivers will have access to your house.


Sure, you never have to worry about packages being stolen from your doorstep, but isn't that why they created Amazon Locker?


I see those things everywhere... gas stations, liquor stores, department stores, malls, post offices, you name it. I see more Amazon Lockers these days than I see RedBox kiosks. I actually look forward to one day using a Locker. 

But not Key. 

Never Key.