Tu(n)esday: Shark’d...
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For the better part of decade, I was a big fan (but only a minimal collector) of Funko POP vinyl toys. They represented a very unique take on pop culture icons and characters with their oversized heads and custom-sculpted bodies. 


Almost always mouthless. Big round eyes unless a character demanded otherwise. Some only had turning heads while others were bobbleheads (generally Disney-owned properties like Marvel and Star Wars). Covering a wide swath of popular culture including movies, TV, books, comics, video games, sports, politicians (yes!), and so much more. And almost always $10 each if you could find them upon initial release and not after they were "retired."

My perception, again, has changed, though. These things have soooo oversaturated the market that I contend they have jumped the shark, just like I claimed yesterday with vinyl records (noticing a theme with my posts here?).

When these toys first came out, they were very highly collectible, like most things when they've got smaller distribution. I could only find them at my local comic book shop and at Barnes & Noble because I think they may have had an exclusive retailer agreement. 

As years have passed, I saw them pop up (haha!) at Toys 'r' Us and video game stores like GameStop and then at larger bricks-and-mortar stores like Walmart and Target and Meijers. 

I was blown away when craft store Michael's had a shelf of them. That's when I started questioning their saturation level. This past weekend, though, I was completely caught off guard to see a four pack of Resistance and a four pack of First Order characters from Star Wars: The Last Jedi at Sam's Club. 

Sam's Club???

Combine this with the fact that the properties are coming out at almost too fast and furious a pace and Funko has expanded to about a half-dozen other lines of toys and several of the sculpts are so generic as to be unidentifiable. 2nd and Charles, a local media store, has two very overstacked tables and one additional bin full of POPs that have been marked down by 50% or more. Some of the properties represented in this purge are as recent as this past summer.

I've gotten to the point, personally, that I've sold off all but about five of what I had once owned. Made some decent money off a few of them. The others I almost couldn't give away.

Kind of a perfect storm in terms of shark jumping, don'cha think? 

But, admittedly, I would still like a Bob Ross.


Pea Pod is adorable.