Macro Monday 2017.43...


The spate of return-from-the-dead TV shows of late has been stirring a mix of emotions with me. I’m not talking about a one-off reunion, mind you. I mean when the actors and creators get together for either a multi-episode arc or even a half or full season or a spin-off show.

The Gilmore Girls return on Netflix last year honestly sucked. It felt too shoehorned together and not nearly natural enough to be considered part of the show’s official canon. 

When it was announced that Will & Grace was returning to NBC this season, I was worried. He show was good but it ended on a low note by my estimation. So far, though, Katie and I have enjoyed it. And last week’s episode, “Grandpa Jack” was spectacular. Full of humor and genuine emotion and a great slate of guest stars, it marked the first episode of a show this season that Katie and I marked as “keep” on our DVR. 

Girl Meets World has good episodes but went completely off the rails every so often.

Fuller House is pure camp but fits in perfectly with its predecessor.

I’m not sure when it’s happening, but The Office is supposed to make a comeback as well. Again, color me worried. 

But when I heard that Discovery is bringing back American Chopper? No concerns whatsoever! It will be awesome no matter how you swing it.


It’s a dad fighting with his two sons — and basically everyone else — while building custom choppers! What more could you need for sheer perfection?? Maybe the return of Cody and Vinnie? Yeah, not likely. 

But dang, I’ve missed Senior, Junior, and Mikey. It’s been too long.