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Snippets 2017.04...

I’m about to head in to see the Kingsman: The Golden Circle but didn’t want to leave you hanging without a blog post. So how about a Snippet featuring a bunch of cool things I’ve been watching on YouTube recently? You down?


Damn, Shady really laid it out for 45. No holds barred. I like it!


That guys have to be told to not be raving jackasses with women is unforgivable. Hopefully Samantha Bee’s word is the last we’ll need to hear. Not likely though.


I gotta admit that the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer has me scratching my head. I can’t quite figure out what to make of it. Misdirection? I hope so. What do you think?


As I said on Twitter, my favorite band + my favorite late night host = total geekgasm. Check out “No Known Drink or Drug” on Seth Meyers (thanks to Marty for pointing this out to me). 


This is about how I feel at grocery stores... and department stores... and malls... and shopping plazas... and... well... anywhere.