Macro Monday 2017.41...


Oh, Amazon, you devious little bastages! First, it was One-Click Ordering where you only needed to click a single button to begin the ordering process. Sure there were still a couple steps after that, but it was still pretty simple overall. 

How did you improve upon that? Swipe Ordering!!! 


Simply swipe that slider to the right and the product is ordered. Seriously! That’s all it takes. 

It is dangerous. As in dangerously simple! I actually did it earlier tonight. I like it. My credit card won’t. Nobody’s credit card will like it. 

It’s as though a very lonely Amazon app developer was swiping through Tinder for his next date and thought, “Dayamn!”

I assume we’ll soon see commercials featuring Beyonce singing, “If you like it then you should’ve swiped right on it!”

But seriously, this is potentially bad if your kids get a hold of your phone and just order by a simple swipe without having to input a password, wherever accudental or intentional. It’s like in-app orders all over again.

I wonder how easy it is to turn off. 

Here is my seventh and final Daily Life photo challenge entry. This was fun. I need to find more challenges like this.