TBT: Headed...


After more than 16 years together sleeping on a queen-size bed, Katie and I took the plunge a few weeks ago and bought a king. We were overdue.

No, it wasn't the same mattress all 16 years. We had one for a few years, but after we moved into our current house, we found some broken springs and claimed it under our warranty. 

Couldn't do that anymore. Wayyyyy out of warranty. Well, that and warranties don't cover an intrinsic desire to upgrade the size of your bed. Not the last time I checked anyway.

We needed a firmer bed. One that gave my back more support than the last one. I'm also a very hot sleeper. Like furnace hot. So we got a cooling gel Serta iComfort (or some such) with memory foam and it has this heat-draw ability that pulls in my body heat and disperses it out the bottom. Not sure quite how that works given I hear no motors pumping in there. But I haven't sweated at all. Sure, the real test of that will come this summer, but so far, so good.

We needed more room. Katie has complained for years that I can be a violent sleeper swinging my arms out and occasionally hitting her. That and Nathan likes to join us in bed so we needed more room in that regard as well. 

When you think about it, one extra foot of space doesn't seem like all that much. One foot. 12 inches. 30.48 centimeters. No, not a lot.

But, when you get in that bed, a foot feels like a quarter mile.

Last night, I wanted to kiss Katie goodnight. I was pretty sure I rolled over three times before I finally reached her. Talk about "so close, yet so far away." It's almost like being in your own bedroom. Very weird.


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