Kevin's 7: TV 17...


You know how you build yourself up for something that you think is going to be really cool? You get this mental idea that it is going to be the greatest thing since sliced bread? Then you take part in that activity only to have it let you down on every possible level.

This happens to me all the time. I get psyched up and then totally deflated.

Years ago, I told myself that I would never let this happen again. I wouldn't give myself the opportunity to get too excited about anything, especially new movies and albums by favorite musicians. I didn't want any more instances of The Phantom Menace or Van Halen III.

But what are you supposed to do when something is sooooo bad that, even if you don't psyche yourself up, it's still a massive letdown?

Take, for example, last week's Psych: The Movie on USA Network.


I was looking forward to it and even stated so here, but had tempered my expectations internally despite how my blog post may have read. Y'see, even though the old TV series remains a favorite and better than 85% of the drivel on TV at any given time, it was one that lost a lot of its luster season after season. The first and second seasons were just beyond amazing, but there was significant dropoff after that. By the end, I really just wanted it all over because I felt it was ruining its legacy (like George Lucas' prequel trilogy).

Then, when it was over, I missed it. So, yeah, I wanted to see this movie. But I also knew it stood a strong chance of sucking rocks.

Katie and I started to watch it the night it aired. But I fell asleep after 20 minutes. I figured she watched a bit more and then stopped. As it turned out, she watched the whole thing. 

Last night, we turned it on again and watched. She read a book. For as much as she loves Shawn and Guster, this could not be a good sign.

It wasn't. Not even a little bit.

This movie was such a time suck. Pointless, monotonous crap that, like the Gilmore Girls revival last year, just took advantage of its peaked position to shoehorn in any minor guest star it could find while dishing garbage scripts to beloved characters like Henry Spencer (Corbin Bernsen).

[Editor's note: I also had a rant here about how either the movie completely mishandled Timothy Omundson's Chief Carlton Lassiter or the actor wanted nothing to do with the reunion. Then I googled it and found out Omundson suffered a "wee touch of the stroke" just weeks before shooting was to begin. So I really have no room to complain about that and am now just happy he was in it at all.]

Then there was the ending with Juliette's brother Owen (John Cena) and a SWAT (?) raid of psychphrancisco's Chinatown headquarters. Whaaaa??? I love Cena's cameos almost anytime he does them and, honestly, this one was pretty good. But what the heck kind of ending was that supposed to be? The promise of more crap yet to come? I dunno if my heart can take further disappointment.

Please, Steve Franks and USA, just... don't. Let's, instead, remember the good times.