Macro Monday 2017.52...


Isn’t it funny how the more things change/improve, the more we seem to want them to stay the same? I was thinking about this as pictures started showing up on Instagram and Facebook featuring the Christmas gifts that were received by friends of mine. 

A co-worker of mine who maintains a very strong online presence via social media was showing off a picture of her and her boyfriend taken using her new instant camera. 


What about digital photography?

My cousin and brother-in-law were stoked to receive new vinyl records. To boot, the cousin was collecting vinyl in hopes that Santa would be leaving her a turntable as well. I have yet to find out if he made good on her hopes. 


So MP3s and streaming media aren’t good enough?

One of the biggest and most sought after toys of the year is a retro Super Nintendo system. The follow up to last year’s retro NES is selling like gangbusters. 


Apparently X-Box One and PS4 don't have good enough graphics. 

This is all sarcasm, mind you. I, too, love me some retro goodies. But I never thought to ask for cassettes for Christmas. C’est la vie.