Macro Monday 2017.50...

Tu(n)esday: Rankings...

I love doing my Kevin’s 7 lists.

I hate doing my Kevin’s 7 lists.

I love... I hate...

Um yeah.

I love doing them because it can be fun to recap a year with lists. 

I hate doing them because I always seem to miss something. Sometimes it’s intentional because I only have so much time. Typically, though, I just forget. Movies and Podcasts lists aren’t so bad because I have so few I actually see/listen to. TV, Music, and, to a far lesser degree, Comics lists tend to see some misses each year. 

I almost forgot the new Nine Inch Nails EP Add Violence. That would’ve been bad. Very bad.


I also hate them because a year is a long time and something you love at the beginning of the year, you might hate 300 days later. I loved Portugal. The Man’s Woodstock early on.


But I want nothing to do with it now because of how overplayed the leadoff single “Feel It Still” has become in the last few months. It’s freaking everywhere. And while I’m happy the band is finally finding success, I miss having them be slightly more obscure.

Aye, first-world problems, amirite?

I’ve got two of my tougher lists left coming in short order. This Saturday? TV. The Saturday after? Music. Oy vey.