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Like all the people in my comic books...

Sorry I didn't give you a Snippet Wednesday last night. But I've got an idea for you... I need to start doing my year-end best-of (YEBO) lists and I thought, at least with a few of them, I can do them as Snippets. Might be interesting, right?

Plus, I've gotta change things up a bit around here with my YEBO lists as I don't feel right doing a top 10 countdown for music or movies as I wasn't entirely "committed to the cause," as it were, with either. I can easily name a favorite album of the year, but movie? Not so easy this year. So I may just do Snippetized lists of ones that I enjoyed of each.

TV Awards will be done the same, though. No way to Snippet that. Oh, and I'm adding one or two YEBO lists this year. And this is the first of those...

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You look at yourself, you're an elf...

When I was growing up, the big Christmas film to watch was A Christmas Story. This movie came out when I was about six or seven years old and, as I recall, was re-released each holiday season for the next several years and then it was picked up by network and basic cable stations and played to death. Yet we still tuned in annually.

This is not to say that we didn't watch other Christmas movies, but A Christmas Story remained a favorite.

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Read a book about love...

Why does my love of reading go in spurts? I hate that. 

I have been known to make a reading run where it takes me only a few days to finish a book and this has gone on for as long as three years. Horrible for the budget (unless I make use of the library or friends), but great for my feeling of self-education, especially since a lot of what I read is historical or biographical in nature.

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I wanna be anarchy...

I do not watch the show Sons of Anarchy.

I have had literally dozens of people tell me that I need to and that I'm missing out and all that jazz and, yet, I still do not watch it.

Not that I have anything against it. When it started airing, I felt like I was watching too many TV shows and never picked up on it. Now, it seems like it's too late to try to get involved in the show because it's been on too long for me to even try to catch up.

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A thousand throats, a thousand lungs...

For those of you guys who have kids, how many of your wife's pre-delivery doctor's appointments and classes did you attend?

Me? I've been making it a point to go to everything I possibly can. The only thing I've missed so far was Katie's very first ultrasound and the only reason that happened was because it was scheduled about two hours before it actually happened. The doctor called it an "emergency" and effectively freaked Katie and I out to the point where I said, "just get up there and get it done! Even if I can't get up there in time." We work about an hour apart and her doctor's office is about 30-45 minutes beyond even that point. I never would've made it in time. She was done and on her way back home by the time I left work (everything was fine, of course).

I digress.

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Shake-shake, shake it like a rattlesnake...

Several television networks have been releasing their "upfronts" over the course of the last week. This is basically how they announce what their fall schedule will be and how we find out which of our favorite shows will and won't be returning for another season.

I tend to go through and pick apart each network when the upfronts come out, but I don't really think I'm going to be doing that this year. I think I'm just going to point out a few of what I deem to be the highlights of the announcements.

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I need time to stop moving...

What is it about day's off not actually being true "day's off"? I remember when I was a kid, having a day off meant that I was running around outside playing all day long with my friends.

Now? I'm doing laundry and flushing a drain in our mudroom and, well, I am watching Doctor Who so I guess that counts as "recreation." Damn, just disproved my own thesis statement. Way to go, Kapgar.

I'm going to shut up now and recap my progress toward my New Year's Resolutions. Sound good?

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I'm the first mammal to wear pants...

One of my Christmas gifts was a copy of the two-disc, 20th anniversary edition of Nirvana's Nevermind. While not my favorite Nirvana album (that honor goes to Bleach), I still feel Nevermind is pretty damn close to perfect and I love it dearly. And, while listening to it on the way home this evening, I expressed this "near perfect" claim on Twitter.

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