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Everyone strapped in tight, we'll ride it out...

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I wasn't quite sure how to handle today's Snippet Wednesday since I hadn't really been actively collecting any snippets of goodness from around the web this past week. Then it hit me! Let's treat this final Snippet Wednesday of the year as my New Year's Resolution post even if it is a few days early.

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Whereon he thought of himself in balance...

I had grand plans for a blog post for tonight, but other things got in the way. Things like the dreaded balancing of our checkbook.

And, considering all the weird stuff going on in our bank account this past month -- such as applied credits, disputed charge paybacks, my first online bill payment, miscashed checks, and God only knows what else -- I'm just so happy that it all balanced out perfectly on the first try that I think I'm going to have a drink.

Or two.

And go to bed.

Gute nacht, peeps!

No! This is just a tribute...

I know that a couple weeks ago, I said I had "an issue" with the recording industry. Do you really think I have just a single issue with them? That would be way too easy.

A brief Twitter convo with @martymankins today reminded me of yet another peeve I have with the music industry. But, this one kinda goes beyond just music and into just about any sort of industry out there. 

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There's a fire in the hole...

First of all, a happy Veteran's Day to all of you who have served, currently serve, or know or love someone who has served or died on the line of duty for our country. We wouldn't be who we are without your sacrifice.

And how am I celebrating your sacrifices? My honey-do list, that's how. And it ain't pretty.

If you're easily disgusted, you might not want to click through to the full post. If you're daring, or if you're viewing in a feed reader that doesn't separate between teaser and full post, my apologies.

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I got a devil's haircut...

On Friday night, I finally got off my lazy butt and trimmed my beard and hair. Yes, I'm technically still a bald guy, I just don't Bic it all off on a regular basis. In fact, I decided months ago to just use hair clippers to trim down to next to nothing all the way around on my face (including my goatee) so I have a regular five o'clock shadow. Katie likes it, I like it. What more could I want, right?

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