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Everyone strapped in tight, we'll ride it out...

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I wasn't quite sure how to handle today's Snippet Wednesday since I hadn't really been actively collecting any snippets of goodness from around the web this past week. Then it hit me! Let's treat this final Snippet Wednesday of the year as my New Year's Resolution post even if it is a few days early.

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Burn away the cooking wine...

Today, Katie was needed at work for an hour and a half beyond her regularly scheduled shift. It sucks for her because her shift takes that much longer. I hate it because she hates it. 

However, I cannot say I totally hate it. Why? Because when I get out of work before she does, I get to experiment with cooking!

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Whereon he thought of himself in balance...

I had grand plans for a blog post for tonight, but other things got in the way. Things like the dreaded balancing of our checkbook.

And, considering all the weird stuff going on in our bank account this past month -- such as applied credits, disputed charge paybacks, my first online bill payment, miscashed checks, and God only knows what else -- I'm just so happy that it all balanced out perfectly on the first try that I think I'm going to have a drink.

Or two.

And go to bed.

Gute nacht, peeps!

I hear my name (Steven)...

I've been reading a ton of online stories about Steve Jobs ever since his death a couple months ago. And, despite his bristly attitude and eccentricity and his many well-documented flaws, I still like the guy. 

The sheer amount of coverage of his death and tributes that have rolled in make it clear that I'm not the only one who feels this way.

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No! This is just a tribute...

I know that a couple weeks ago, I said I had "an issue" with the recording industry. Do you really think I have just a single issue with them? That would be way too easy.

A brief Twitter convo with @martymankins today reminded me of yet another peeve I have with the music industry. But, this one kinda goes beyond just music and into just about any sort of industry out there. 

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But that don't change the way I feel about you...

Nothing like spending a couple hours of your Saturday waiting in queue at the Apple Store Genius Bar.

The iPod in Katie's iPhone had gone all kinds of wonky freezing on every song while playing in shuffle mode. We restored it to factory settings, reinstalled, rebooted, re-everything... and nada.

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There's a fire in the hole...

First of all, a happy Veteran's Day to all of you who have served, currently serve, or know or love someone who has served or died on the line of duty for our country. We wouldn't be who we are without your sacrifice.

And how am I celebrating your sacrifices? My honey-do list, that's how. And it ain't pretty.

If you're easily disgusted, you might not want to click through to the full post. If you're daring, or if you're viewing in a feed reader that doesn't separate between teaser and full post, my apologies.

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We'll steal your money, we'll steal your show...

I'm a music freak. I make no bones about it. While I love electronic, indie, and alternative music the most, I will listen to just about anything at least once before I decide I hate it. That's how much I love music.

But, there are times when the world of music really ticks me off.

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We're fated to pretend...

I get miss-work sick so rarely that I find myself struggling to find stuff to do while sitting on my sick butt at home. Seriously, the last time I got sick and was laid up at home for two days (October 2010), I laid in bed and watched YouTube videos all day. While, to some, that may seem like heaven, I got a bit bored after a while.

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I got a devil's haircut...

On Friday night, I finally got off my lazy butt and trimmed my beard and hair. Yes, I'm technically still a bald guy, I just don't Bic it all off on a regular basis. In fact, I decided months ago to just use hair clippers to trim down to next to nothing all the way around on my face (including my goatee) so I have a regular five o'clock shadow. Katie likes it, I like it. What more could I want, right?

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What a glorious feeling...

I would like to say, for the record, that Malcolm McDowell is one straight-up cool mofo. Yeah, you know who he is. He played Alex in A Clockwork Orange and is currently starring in TNT's Franklin & Bash. And there are dozens upon dozens of other starring roles and cameos that he's been involved with as well.

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I'm ready to play...

It's not often that Katie and I get to see a movie in the middle of the week. While I work regular 8-5 hours, Katie is in retail and her hours are all over the place. Plus we work in completely opposite directions of each other and the only theater right in between us is a slightly pricier one that we'd rather not pay for during prime evening hours.

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We don't need no water...

As I Tweeted last week, we took Katie's car into the shop to have some work done on the brakes. Turns out work was needed on both the front and rear brakes as one set was so badly shredded (the rear) that they weren't working at all and all stopping force was transferred to the front brakes and they were worn to nothing as a result.

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