Me & Mine 2012

And I feel fine...

12-12-12, eh?

The final triple date we'll have until the 22nd century. If the human race survives that long, of course.

I realized that today also marks the start of the single-digit countdown until the Mayan prediction of the end of the world.

Guess I can stop paying my bills.

If I go it will be double...

I read an interesting article on today about the LIVESTRONG brand. In it, the writer posits the question about whether or not it's appropriate to continue wearing the iconic yellow LIVESTRONG bracelet.

In light of all the crap that has been going on with Lance Armstrong and the ultimate outcome announced today that the International Cycling Union is banning him for life from the sport and officially stripping him of all seven of his Tour de France wins, should people still wear the bracelet?

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I wanna get away...

The level of creativity and detail of which the human brain is capable both astounds and terrifies me. This morning, I was convinced that I had missed out on a fantastic photo opportunity to share with all of you via my blog, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr. I wanted to kick myself.

Then I realized it was all a dream. A very vivid, detailed, graphic dream. And it all happened in the span of 10 reality-based minutes.

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When you're all alone, pick up the phone...

Have you ever heard of a "slumpbuster"?

In sports parlance, and according to Urban Dictionary, a "slumpbuster" occurs when an athlete is in a slump and needs "an easy score to get [their] confidence back up and break the slump" usually by sleeping with someone with whom they normally wouldn't associate. To say it in better-than-provided terms, someone who is not the normal model or beauty queen that many athletes are seen with in public.

Sure, in this case it's definitely a negative term, but the concept is a solid one. Well, other than the sleeping around bit, that is.

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And, yeah, I really do think...

You remember that post where I was joking around about Hollywood-ized, out-there names for our baby if it happens to be a boy? Well, there has been a rather unexpected side effect courtesy of Jen (one of our SiLs).

Since we don't know the gender of our baby and we're not planning to find out and therefore cannot use stand-in names like "Baby Boy A" or "Baby Girl A" or even gender-specific pronouns like "he," "him," "she," or "her," Jen has taken to calling our baby by one of the names in that blog post.

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Where do we go from here...

When I was a kid, one of my favorite games to play when going on a road trip with my family was the good ol' License Plate Game.

You know the game, don't you? While your parents are driving to whatever pseudo-exotic locale that never seems to be close enough to erase the constant nagging of children and their raisin-sized bladders, you check out the license plates of the cars around you and try to find all 50 states and however many protectorates and Canadian provinces you can (I'm still not sure entirely how many provinces there are; we just marked them and they became a bonus). It was basically a form of semi-innocent stalking.

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Soon it will all be over...

Welcome to June!

Wow. Yeah, I just said "June." Katie and I are having a baby in less than three and a half months. Where'd the time go? Not that I want it to stop. We both are really excited about this new chapter, but it doesn't feel like we've been given enough time to enjoy this growing-inside-the-belly phase of the game.

Oy! Well, being that it's June 1, I need to recap my progress on my New Year's Resolutions.

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And I swear...

I like to swear. I'm very good at it. I'm not talking Al Pacino level or anything. I mean, that dude can swear like nobody's business. I do strive to be like him, though.

Well, I did anyway. Until the point in time where Katie and I found out that she was pregnant. That lifetime of dedication to the fine art of verbal cursing came to a screeching halt. I'm told that kids are sponges and, whether you realize it or not, they pick up what those around them say and do and feel.

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Like the moon and the stars and the sun...

As you know, I've become an Instagram junkie over the course of the last year and a half. At first, it was never easy to share what you take with friends unless you had your account tied to social media such as Facebook or Twitter. Then we got the ability to add to Flickr. Then the system opened up to Android phones instead of just the iPhone.

Now we have one other new way... and a chance for me to potentially make money as well!

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