Me & Mine 2013

Friday 5...

I've heard of "Friday Five" before, or at least read it on some blogs in the past. But it's been a while and, in all honesty, I thought the trend was dead until I saw it on Nilsa's blog this morning.

If I understand correctly, I basically just type up five random facts about what's going on in my life right now. Nilsa says it's just supposed to be five random musings, but her post seemed to hinge on the theme of "cold." So I will also theme it, but mine will be "weekend." It is Friday, after all.

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I feel so naked right now. No no, I'm not actually physically naked. I doubt I'd be welcome at work that way. Just proverbially naked because I left my iPhone at home.


Horrific, isn't it?

Thankfully, though, I was able to use Find My iPhone to prove it actually was left at home and that I didn't place it on top of my car while putting Nathan in his car seat only to have it fly off the roof out on a major roadway. That would really suck. Yikes.


Over the Thanksgiving holiday, the father of one of my longtime friends -- actually my longest-time friend -- passed away. He's been battling health issues for some years and, without trying to sound cliche, I know he's in a better place.

That solace doesn't make it suck any less, though.

Rest in peace, Mr. W. You'll be missed.

2013 Goals: November Recap...

Hello, December!

I'm having trouble reconciling that yesterday was the two-week mark since our return from the cruise. I'm also having trouble remembering what it's like to come up with original blog posts. For the last month, I've had three non-vacation posts. Pretty sad. It's time to come back to blogreality and what better way to start than with 2013 Goals: November Recap?

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2013 Goals: October Recap...

It was a very disappointing Halloween, to put it mildly. The rain kept nearly all trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood at bay. Thankfully, the departments in my office had candy available and Katie brought Nathan, in costume, to work to get some candy here. He made out like the little bandito he is.

So, in lieu of some cool Halloween story, how about my 2013 Goals: October Recap?

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Sick day...

I'm at home with a sick little kid today.

We're not sure if it's a legitimate fever or a side effect of teething. Either way, he was sporting a 101 fever and was whining uncontrollably at random intervals throughout the night. He did not want to be let go at all. But when we held him, he would squirm to the point where you almost had to let him go.

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Home repair scares me. Apparently I'm decent enough at it but it scares me nonetheless.

Plumbing is the worst. It makes no sense why. If anything should scare me, you'd think it would be electrical work. Alas, I'm most scared of a dripping fixture from me screwing up a connection and thus flooding our house slowly and compromising the structure of our home.

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I may not be one to blog about celebrities and gossip and whatnot -- well, not too often anyway -- but I do like to talk about TV shows being canceled and new ones that will be starting up in the coming season.

And this has already been a busy off-season for TV shows despite the fact that several still haven't aired their season finales.

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