Photography 2011

You're staring at the sun, you're standing in the sea...

It only took me nearly a month, but I finally got off my lazy butt and uploaded the photos taken during our San Francisco trip on my D-SLR. 

Yeah, I know it's bad to be such a slacker considering I'm such a photo freak. But iPhoneography has made me far too dependent on having a web connection built into my camera. Oh well. Maybe my Sony will grow a 3G chip.

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You can't judge a book by lookin' at the cover...

Sorry, no Snippet Wednesday today. Just an announcement of which I'm very excited. Actually, there have been two announcements in as many days of which I'm excited. I'm starting with one today and announcing the other tomorrow after the people most directly involved have had a chance to notify everyone that they need to notify (it'll make sense tomorrow, I promise).

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I got a devil's haircut...

On Friday night, I finally got off my lazy butt and trimmed my beard and hair. Yes, I'm technically still a bald guy, I just don't Bic it all off on a regular basis. In fact, I decided months ago to just use hair clippers to trim down to next to nothing all the way around on my face (including my goatee) so I have a regular five o'clock shadow. Katie likes it, I like it. What more could I want, right?

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All I got is this photograph...

I got this idea from Kevin Spencer for a 100-day recap of my yearlong photo escapade that I have dubbed Insty365, yanno, because the rule is that all the photos have to be processed through the Instagram iPhone app.

Of course, also like him, I'm a bit late. By my quick calculations (31+28+31+10 = 100) so the 100-day recap really should have occured back on April 10. Not that I'm not always late, so why change that now?

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Baby come back to me...

Have you all seen the ads for Catholics Come Home? It's an organization set up to try to lure lapsing Catholics back in the fold in an age when anti-Catholic sentiment is at an all-time high due to priest-on-choirboy malfeasance, messed up views on contraception and abortion, and... well, the list goes on, I'm sure.

I feel, however, that the marketing firm behind Catholics Come Home is missing an opportunity today. They should be engaged in a full-on media blitz to not only bring back lapsed Catholics, but those who were never Catholics in the first place. Why? Well because today is Fat Tuesday!

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And I love Buddha too...

This is it! The time has come to bring the Kapgar Photo Scavenger Hunt to a close. And I've got several prizes to draw names for as a result.

First, the drawing for the winners in Week 3 and Week 4! Actually, upon looking at the comments for both posts and at the Flickr group (unless I missed something), there will be no drawing as Nat was the only person to enter all week. Um, so, yeah, congrats Nat! Looks like you got a lot of music coming your way.

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