The Web 2010-14

Come and sail away with me...

Today we did it. We booked our first vacation in nearly two years. Of course, we won't be going on it for more than a year, but it's booked!

Come March 2011, Katie and I will be going on a cruise of the eastern Caribbean as part of a crew of folks celebrating the wedding of Katie's brother, Scott, and our FSiL, Becca. Big woot!

This cruise is going to rock for many reasons:

  • It's seven days of changing scenery without having to repack bags in between
  • We will be hitting four locations we've never been to before including the Bahamas, St. Thomas, Puerto Rico, and Grand Turk...
  • There are a ton of cool shore excursions to choose from (although the list can change between now and then)
  • We're there with friends and family
  • We get a stateroom with a balcony as opposed to the no-window room from our cruise in 2003...


  • It's already half paid off
  • There will be some killer photo opps
  • Even though we're with family, Katie and I will get a lot of great quality time together

Oh yeah, we're stoked.

I blogged every week day through the entire month of January!

Been a long time since I've been that consistent.

Blog fiber, FTW!

Woo hoo!