The Web 2011

I got a devil's haircut...

On Friday night, I finally got off my lazy butt and trimmed my beard and hair. Yes, I'm technically still a bald guy, I just don't Bic it all off on a regular basis. In fact, I decided months ago to just use hair clippers to trim down to next to nothing all the way around on my face (including my goatee) so I have a regular five o'clock shadow. Katie likes it, I like it. What more could I want, right?

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It's the season of the shark...

I've been spending some time this morning catching up on TiVo'd shows from Discovery's Shark Week extravaganza. For some reason, despite my fascination with sharks, I've never really tuned into Shark Week. It's kinda like all the other holidays that you see bloggers celebrating online... I just don't realize that it's happening until it's too late. I even missed last year's celebration despite it being hosted by my boy, Craig Ferguson!

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Oh my heart...

Somebody remind me NEVER to preorder any music on iTunes using my iPhone ever again. Okay?

Why? Because when you do, it seems that the iTunes app will always readily to your preorder screen requiring you to enter your iTunes password EACH AND EVERY TIME YOU TRY TO USE THE DAMN APP. This happens even if I'm just trying to browse the store without buying anything.

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The day the music died...

I've been trying to whittle down my online presence a bit.

No, I'm not bailing out on all of you. I just feel that with years of experimentation with different online and social media services, the time comes when you realize you've gone too far. Your name is everywhere with this registration and that service and this site and that... well, you get it.

So I've been picking and choosing those which I use most regularly and attempting to ditch out several others.

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