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Oldies: June 28, 1998

Right now I'm really struggling to figure out something new to do to my page that will take up some time. All I've been doing lately is adding new links and new film reviews. Those are way too minor in the way of changes. I need some new ideas!! If I had a scanner, I could really have some fun. However, that requires money and that's exactly why I'm on Geocities--it's free!

Oldies: June 24, 1998

I finally got to go to my first baseball game of the season. Considering I'm a baseball freak and that I live near Chicago, you'd think that I'd go to a load of games. Well, it just don't work that way. I got to see the Chisox beat up the Cincinnati Reds. It was cool, Frank Thomas and Magglio Ordonez got homers and Ray Durham stole two bases. I was happy. Oh, and they gave out Sox floppy hats when you applied for a credit card. Small price to pay for a free hat. Just means I'll cut up the card when it comes in. I still get to keep the hat.

Oldies: June 13, 1998

My brother visited today and we both went to see the new flick Six Days, Seven Nights. It was pretty good. The thing that I don't understand is that every time I read an article about that movie, there's always some mention about the fact that Anne Heche is a lesbian and whether or not she will be believable as Harrison Ford's love interest. Who gives a damn about her sexual orientation?!? Isn't that why she is employed as an "actress"? To "act" like she's straight? Are people in Hollywood that damn bored that they have nothing better to do than rip a person's performance apart based on their personal sexual orientation? Get a life people! By the way, she did just fine as the leading lady. I was convinced.

Oldies: June 5, 1998

Well, I finally finished the new movie critique page. It's not bad so far. I do still have some work to do on the animation, horror, and crap movie pages. If you have any input whatsoever, E-mail me please. I'm gonna try to create some buttons to link to the different movie genres instead of the JavaScript that I've got up now.

[editor's note: the movie critique site no longer exists and I have no intention of reviving it. Sorry.]