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Oldies: July 22, 1998

Cool! I just found an article on Excite that Morgan Freeman will reprise his role as Alex Cross for the upcoming film Along Came A Spider. I just finished reading that book a couple of days ago and it was great. This movie is technically a prequel to Kiss the Girls which came out last year. It'll be cool to see Freeman back in the fold as Cross.

Oldies: July 17, 1998

Today has been such an awesome day... The Mask of Zorro opened and exceeded all my expectations. Mark McGwire hit two more homeruns to lift him to 42. It's a weekend. What more could I ask for? This is so awesome, Geocities finally allows it's homesteaders to use subdirectories for files on our sites. This makes organization of all this stuff so much simpler! If any of you have links to my page, recheck the address to make sure it's correct.

[editor's note: my love of bad movies and my adulation for the Great Home Run Race of 1998 astounds me]

Oldies: July 12, 1998

Guess what? I've become a corporate sellout just like Dom! Woo-hoo! I'm now sponsoring a page of book reviews linked up to Amazon.com. Not that any of you will actually do this, but if you want a book, check out Fun With Dead Trees and link to Amazon through this. That way, if you buy something, I'll get a nice little kickback on my next order.

[editor's note: Much like my film critique site, Fun With Dead Trees (in its original format) is gone. All reviews are alive and kicking on my Goodreads account, though.]

Oldies: July 9, 1998

Okay, I've been having fun once again. Obviously, I'm not paying for it. I can't even afford a gumball anymore. Anyway, I went to see The Phantom of the Opera at the Civic Opera House in Chicago. My ticket was free so it was obviously in nosebleed heaven. It was good, but not as good as I remember it from the first time that I saw it. It could've been the seats or it could've been the different venue (I saw it at the Auditorium Theater the first time around). I could speculate all day here. It's still one of the coolest stories around though.

Oldies: July 5, 1998

Howdy all! I had a pretty bitchin' weekend. I went into Chicago and stayed with my friend Chewski at UIC (Univ. of Illinois-Chicago). Well, we went to the fireworks on the 3rd at Navy Pier with her roommate Kerri from Missouri and we had a blast. Despite the rain. Well, it was still raining after the fireworks so we ran for the nearest shelter. It happened to be a theater and... well... I kinda sorta saw Armageddon again. That would be three times in three days. So I'm pathetic, okay! Who cares? I enjoyed it even more the third time around because I knew what was gonna happen and I got to hear everyone else's reaction to seeing it for the first time. The movie rocks!

Oldies: July 2, 1998

So I lied, it took me more than a day to get back online. I hate when I go home and my only internet connection is through my parents AOHell account. It has the world's slowest internet connection no matter how good a modem you may have, no spam filters whatsoever, and you can't shut off the damned cookies. I hate it!! Find yourself a good internet service provider near your home and surf the web using Netscape Communicator 4.05--best browser out there!

By the way, I loved Armageddon!! I've seen it twice already. Yeah, so I'm an addict, what's the big frigging deal? So what if my mom says I need a reality check. What of it?!?! Heh-heh-heh.

[editor's note: Ah, Netscape... RIP]