7 posts from August 1998

Oldies: August 23, 1998

I know this may seem like a petty thing to write about on this page, especially since I already have a whole segment dedicated to movie reviews, but deal with it! What I'm talking about is the movie Ever After with Drew Barrymore. Can we say "incredible"? I absolutely loved this movie. I thought that Drew was good in The Wedding Singer, but this blew that movie out of the water. Allow me to suggest something... if you do want to go and see this movie, go with my friend Leah. She's so much fun to go to movies with. She practically jumped out of her seat to rip off Angelica Huston's head. Jeez girl, it's only a movie screen, it's not really her!

[editor's note: Ever After? Really? What the hell was I on in 1998?]

Oldies: August 22, 1998

Please shoot me, almost all the residents of Neptune Hall are back now. This is not fun. I mean, it is great to see some of these people again. However, it was just so cool to have this place to myself. It's been quite interesting so far... we've already had two fire alarms and one of them was very legitimate. I can't wait until Christmas Break.

[editor's note: we had a legitimate fire alarm? Seriously?]

Oldies: August 20, 1998

Wow! An old friend of mine dropped by today severely unexpected. We used to live on the same floor together for about a year and a half and I haven't seen her much in the last couple of years other than our graduation ceremony in May of '97. Well, anyway, she's doing very well career and life-wise. She's also starting back here at NIU in grad school for Public Administration. It was really cool to see her again. Oh, yeah, student move-in officially started today. Man oh man, I was so enjoying having this whole building to myself. Damn!

[editor's note: is it weird that I have no idea who I'm talking about in this post?]

Oldies: August 11, 1998

Well, today was pretty damned interesting. There was this deer that apparently didn't like seeing another deer challenging him. So, he reared back and decided to charge him. Turns out the opposing deer was just his own reflection in a window. Also turns out that the window was one of the rooms in my residence hall. He charged right through the window and then finally escaped. Thank God nobody had moved into the room yet. That could have complicated things a little bit.

[editor's note: I forgot all about this happening. It was pretty odd, to say the least. A lot of cleanup]

Oldies: August 7, 1998

I just got back from DePaul University today and it was very cool. I was there for the CASHA picnic (Chicago Area Student Housing Associations) and they gave us a tour of the residence halls. They're finishing construction on a new administration building with suites and triples on the upper floors and they were awesome!! They were huge, air-conditioned, beautiful, and hard-wired for network connections! I need one of these places!

Oldies: August 2, 1998

I had a pretty cool weekend. A friend of mine got married and I went to the wedding. But the big thing was going to see Blue Man Group at the Briar Street Theater in Chicago. Very cool and very different. I can't even try to explain it. It's just so far gone. Lots of audience involvement. I almost wonder how it changes from performance to performance, if at all. Some of it is so spontaneous it's almost impossible to imagine that it doesn't change at least somewhat.