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Oldies: September 27, 1998

Ohmigod is today an amazing day in baseball!! Big Mac hit homerun 69 and 70. Now I'm actually in contention to win a contest with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch for correctly picking Mac's homerun total for 1998. The Yankees finished the season with at 114-48 and set a new record for total wins in the American League. The Mets were eliminated earlier today. So, now we have the Cubs and Giants vying for the wild card spot in the NL. Damn! Can this get any more exciting? No, I don't think so. And guess what? The Cubs lost, but, then again, so did the Giants. Now both teams will meet tomorrow in Chicago for a one game playoff. Da-a-amn!!

[editor's note: I warned you.]

Oldies: September 22, 1998

Oh, yeah!!! KISS Psycho Circus was released today. In case you didn't already know, KISS is my favorite band in the world and now they've got a new studio album from the original lineup. What's it been now... seventeen years since the last studio album from the original band? About that. This album rocks!! Peter and Ace sing a song each on this album and there's also one sung by all four of them. Very remniscient of the old band's sound with enough of an edge to show that they're still ready and willing to rock your face off. Kick ass driving music.

[editor's note: While I still love Kiss passionately, I couldn't name a single song off this album let alone ID the ones I mention above. This album didn't really stick with me much beyond this particular year.]

Oldies: September 19, 1998

From time to time, people ask me why I never really go to NIU home football games. Now, I must take this opportunity to set the story straight. I do go to the games every so often...just not too often. I used to go to quite a few during my sophomore and junior year when we actually won some games. Now, the NIU Huskies hold an NCAA record for most consecutive losses--21 losses over three seasons. Well, we lost again today in our home opener to Eastern Illinois 24-10. Last week, we were blown out of the water by Kansas State 73-7. I'm surprised we even scored against them. Okay, so now do you see why I prefer to stay home during football games?

[editor's note: Yes, these are the same NIU Huskies that went to the Orange Bowl this past season. Heh. How the times change.]

Oldies: September 10, 1998

Woo-hoo!! Big Mac broke the Major League record for homeruns in a season!! This rocks!! I know that it happened a couple of days ago, but I'm a little behind in updating this page. Just deal with it, okay? Oh, yeah, this update was done by request of Joyce Keller.

[editor's note: I'm not sure why Joyce requested it. Nor do I even recall having any readers for the first, oh say, six years I ran this blog.]

Oldies: September 2, 1998

Yessss!! Mark McGwire hit two more homeruns last night!! Now he has broken the National League record for single season homeruns set God-only-knows how long ago by Hack Wilson. He only needs five more to break Roger Maris' record. And to those of you who think that Big Mac doesn't deserve the record because of the androstenedione (did I spel that rite?) he's taking...pppllllbbbbtttt!! Who gives a damn what kind of supplements he's taking? They're legal so far as Major League Baseball is concerned and that's all that matters. What about all those athletes who take creatine? Isn't that just a workout enhancer as well? Okay, then.

[editor's note: my Mark McGwire fandom hits a fever pitch this month. You've been warned.]

Oldies: September 1, 1998

Ahh, yet another new month and one month closer to 1999. Why is that significant you might ask? Well, I've really been looking forward to the time when I can start playing Prince's 1999 again without being accused of being an 80s reject. I would consider that to be good enough reason to play it, wouldn't you? I mean, I do play it anyway. It's a classic album! I'm just sick of being one of the only 80s rejects out in the open. Too damned many closet 80s rejects who are too damned afraid to admit it!!