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Oldies: November 29, 1998

Ahhh!! It felt so good to get out of here for Thanksgiving Break. I really needed a change of scenery. Now, just get me past finals and I'll be happy. I went tuxedo shopping with my friend this weekend as well. It was weird. He's getting married in August 1999 and I'm his best man. The tuxedos we picked out are pretty damn snazzy. I'll be stylin' to say the least. One last thing... Happy 20th Birthday, bro!!

Oldies: November 23, 1998

Today Rocks!! No I have not taken my test yet, so that could conceivably change things. But, who cares!! I received two Fed-Ex packages today from Wizard Press and when I opened them, I discovered that I had won grand prize in a poetry contest called "Get Into Kabuki's Mind". It's for a comic book that I read called Kabuki by David Mack and I ended up winning ten comic books & trade paperbacks signed by Mack, original cover art autographed by him, and a T-shirt. I'm so pumped right now that I still can't bring myself to study for the exam I have tonight. And considering how much I was procrastinating yesterday, that really isn't a good thing. C'est la vie, eh?

[editor's note: I still have all these.]

Oldies: November 22, 1998

Call it laziness... I don't care. I've got a test tomorrow in my TV Theory class and I'll be damned if I can motivate myself to study for it. It's not really a final exam although it is the only exam in that class. It's open book, open notes, open crib sheets, open bottle (just kidding). I've read over my notes so I know what I've got in them. But I've got a stack of articles for the class that is, literally, two inches thick in addition to two textbooks. I can't read all that shit again. It was painful enough just reading it once.

Oldies: November 17, 1998

Okay... I'll admit it... I'm a fan of just about anything Star Wars. But, today, I found something that was just too unsettling. Trailers for the new SW prequel (due out in May 1999) have started tonight with showings of Meet Joe Black and Waterboy and people are buying tickets to these movies just to see the trailer. Isn't that going a little bit overboard? Yeah, I love SW but I'm not gonna buy tickets to see a movie just to see the damn trailer. Am I the only one who thinks this is completely nutso?

Oldies: November 16, 1998

I was checking out one of my regular movie poster sites and found preview posters for the new Star Wars prequel which will be out next May. They're pretty cool posters. The first poster has the young Anakin Skywalker standing by his home on Tatooine with his "destiny" cast in shadow behind him. Pretty damned eerie. The second is a spoof of a Godzilla poster from this past summer. You just gotta love this one.

[editor's note: Of all the times to not link somewhere! I remember the destiny shadow poster, but cannot recall the Godzilla spoof and would love to see it again.]

Oldies: November 15, 1998

I went to the theatre with a friend of mine today and saw The Wizard of Oz. Now, I'm not exactly the biggest fan of this flick, but how often does a classic like this show up on the big screen? Guess what? It wasn't that great. I was expecting to watch it in widescreen and see all kinds of things that I was unable to see before. Well, the film was originally shot in 35mm and, therefore, in the same aspect ratio as TV. It was the same damn size!!! I worked myself up for a widescreen showing of a movie that wasn't even made in widescreen. I was so pissed!

[editor's note: In the age of VHS dominance, being able to see a movie in widescreen was a BIG DEAL to me. I loved widescreen movies.]

Oldies: November 10, 1998

Well, tonight marks the second lingerie party that has been held in my apartment without me being present to enjoy the wares. To clue you in... I've had two of my RAs approach me thus far asking if my apartment could be used for lingerie shows. They both needed someplace relatively big sizewise and private where selling could legally occur in the halls. So they asked for, and got, my apartment. Of course, I've had class both of the nights that my apartment has been used. Go fig, eh? Each time they use my apartment, they buy me something. Now, taking into consideration that this is a lingerie show, I should really be scared, shouldn't I?

[editor's note: They bought me tearaway red silk boxer shorts. I wore them.]

Oldies: November 7, 1998

Ahh, this weekend was family weekend here at NIU. My parents came up today to spend most of the day with my brother and I. Too bad that NIU's football team lost (no surprise) 41-10. But, we did go to the NATIONS Pow Wow which is a Native American cultural fest at our Rec center. Very cool as always. We also went to see Antz which was an excellent movie. Woody Allen as an insecure worker ant. No better match!

Oldies: November 1, 1998

Howdy! Hope you all had a great Halloween! Personally speaking (which I do a lot of on this page), Halloween is my favorite holiday. Get to have a lot of fun for relatively little expense. That's when you know it's good... when it costs very little. Heh heh. Can you tell I'm a broke college student? Anyway, I went to a party last night with a bunch of people from the COMS department and had a blast. I was dressed as Perseus from The Clash of the Titans... had the tunic, cape, sword, shield, helmet, Medusa head, and even the winged slippers. Not a bad costume, eh? Thanks Mom!

[editor's note: This was a redo of a costume my mom made me when I was 7 or 8 years old. Still one of the coolest Halloween costumes ever. I wish I had pictures.]