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5 posts from June 1999

Oldies: June 19, 1999...

Today was the dedication of DeKalb as one of Illinois' "Main Street Communities". At this presentation, they showed my documentary. And, when I say they showed it, they really showed it. Every hour on the hour from 10am to 5pm with an introduction by the Lieutenant Governor of Illinois. And finally, I got my own personal copy of the film that I should've gotten last semester. About damned time.

[editor's note: it wasn't really "my" documentary. It was a team of grad students who worked on it and, to be fair, my part was pretty small. I wanted to do much more; they wouldn't let me. Nice teamwork there.]

Oldies: June 13, 1999...

This is pretty damned cool! The AMC 30 theaters both in Warrenville and Barrington are showing old movies on Friday and Saturday nights at midnight during the summer. Last night, Kate and I saw Raiders of the Lost Ark in Barrington. Yeah, the print was in pretty bad shape considering it was 18 years old. But, it was still fun to see it on the big screen again. Indy rocks!

Oldies: June 2, 1999...

This pisses me off... today, President Slick Willie announced that Congress wants to probe into the marketing practices of the film, recording, and video game industries. Congress was hoping to vote on this measure first, but Clinton decided to forgo waiting for the vote and announce it on his own accord. Each day, I'm reassured as to why I voted for Dole in the last election. Why didn't more people do so?

Oldies: June 1, 1999...

Hope all of you had a great holiday weekend. I had a blast. Went to see Election with my girlfriend after I surprised her by visiting her at work. Went canoeing for 12 miles, played soccer and baseball with my old high school buddies (killed myself in the process), actually got somewhat tanned, and saw the Kane County Cougars win 13-4 over the Peoria Chiefs. Kept myself pretty busy. It was a damned good time.

[editor's note: I don't think I've seen Election since this date. I liked that movie. May have to remedy this.]