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Since I was off the air for such a long time, I never got to tell any of you about my favorite movie of the year. Well, so far it's been The Sixth Sense and it's not likely to change anytime soon. I was just checking out a website that lists total grosses for movies that are still in circulation and even with all the other movies that have come out, Sixth Sense is still #10 overall and has grossed $267,741,966 total. Damn skippy!

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Well, last night I got to see the fourth film by my buddy Kevin Smith --Dogma. In this film we find fallen angels Loki (Matt Damon) and Bartelsby (Ben Affleck) discovering a loophole in Catholic Dogma that will allow them back into heaven. This loophole involves the declaration by a New Jersey priest that all who enter his church during the grand rededication ceremony will be blessed and allowed to go into heaven. Since a catholic priest announced it as true, then God has to abide by it. Interesting concept, eh? However, if they accomplish this task, they will have proven that God is not infallible. Since all existence is hinged on the idea that God is infallible, then all existence would come to a crashing halt and the world would cease to exist. This sort of thing just can't happen, so God sends her (yes... "her") best to stop the angels.

This ragtag bunch includes a burned-out, faithless abortion clinic worker named Bethany (Linda Fiorentino), Serendipity the muse turned stripper (Salma Hayek), Rufus the thirteenth apostle (Chris Rock), and Jay and Silent Bob the prophets (Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith). Well, I was a bit confused by one scene towards the end of the film... when Jay picks up a Mac10 and shoots the wings off of Bartelsby, Serendipity tells him that he has just helped Bartelsby by making him human so he can cross into the church, become blessed, walk back out, be shot by police for resisting arrest, and go back into heaven. Well, if he goes into heaven as a human, wouldn't all existence end and he would no longer be able to enjoy the fruits of heavenly existence? That's what it would seem like to me.

Well, I had it explained to me. I forgot that both Loki and Bartelsby did realize that this little paradox would occur, so that's why Loki essentially said "f*@k it" and decided not to go on with his crusade. But, Bartelsby thought it was a load of shit and decided to go ahead with it anyway to screw over God and his creation. And people thought Loki was the one who was messed in the head.

Sorry this one was so damned long. Just had a lot going through my head after that movie. Damn fine movie too. I wonder if the protests occurred just like the Catholic League promised they would. No reason for protest or calls of blasphemy. Just a different look at everything that people hold as infallible truth. Is that so bad?

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Hello again all. Yes it has been one helluva long time since I've written anything in this diary. Sorry about all that. I'm gonna try to update this as well as totally change the layout of this site. It's really old right now and I'm sorry about that. The only thing that I've been updating on a regular basis is my movie page. I will get better. I swear. Give me a second chance!

[editor's note: yes, it looks like I took a six-month break from posting because I did. But I have no idea why other than I got lazy, I suppose. It happens. Just look at my blog now.]