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Oldies: July 9, 2000...

I'm currently of the opinion that there is no way that they will finish the Wimbledon men's finals today. I'm watching the matchup between Pete Sampras and Patrick Rafter right now and it's already behind by four hours due to rain delays. It's already sometime after 8pm in England and each guy has won one set. They're pretty evenly split on the third set. Wait and see.

Update: Okay, so Pete won. Now, he's broken the Grand Slam singles record. Congrats. Even though Katie and I were pulling for Pat.

Oldies: July 8, 2000...

Let's just say that this is a much needed weekend rest. I must say, even though I only worked three days last week, it was pretty hectic and something that I've gotta get used to. It is really nice to have a set schedule going into each week. But, I guess I can see why some people burn out as a result of it. Hopefully, I will enjoy it as much as I have been. I don't have to wait from week to week to get my new schedule. I never have to work weekends. I don't spend gas on commuting. I think I can learn to like this. Thank God it's not retail.

Oldies: July 5, 2000...

This is it. The start of my new career. I'm joining the rat race. I must say, though, that commuting is definitely interesting. I'm taking the bus from home to the train station in Naperville. Then I hop the express train to Union Station. Next I walk to work from Union which is a little over a mile. Takes longer than a normal mile walk because of all the pedestrian traffic and the street crossing with all the psycho city drivers. I really think that cabbies are safer than regular drivers. Pretty sad, eh?

Oldies: July 4, 2000...

Happy fourth all! I saw my second set of fireworks tonight. The first was in McHenry on the 1st. This set was a little farther west in Woodstock. Cool little town. But what really matters is that Katie and I got to see each other. Oh yeah, just for the record, I quit at Applebee's. My boss, Dan, was far from happy. But, oh well, T.S.