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Oldies: September 24, 2000...

For some unfortunate reason, so-called "Reality TV" has been taking over the airwaves. Shows like Survivor (which dominated the ratings), Big Brother (which is not dominating them), and others have been popping up like weeds. Damn MTV for starting this trend years ago with The Real World and Road Rules. Well, I'd also like to praise MTV (in a sense, at least) for actually creating a show that I enjoy. A "Reality TV" show, no less. This past Thursday, they debuted Fear about six young adults who are sent to a closed-down prison (West Virginia State Penitentiary, I think). While there, these guys are sent on missions to various parts of the prison to determine if the prison is haunted. Once they reach their assigned locations, they must spend 15 minutes there alone in radio silence. So far, two people have been sent home because they've been too scared to complete their missions. Right now, a guy named Ryan is in the execution chamber and is supposed to pull a tarp off of the electric chair. In all honesty, it looks like there is somebody seated there under the tarp. He tried to pull the tarp off with a stick and it pulled the entire chair off its pedestal. Damn funny stuff. Now that Ryan has finished pulling off the tarp, they are pairing up to check out areas of the prison with EMF detectors and night-vision goggles. Yes!

Oldies: September 20, 2000...

And now for something completely different... a church in Naples, Italy has been saving some blood from a 5th Century martyr in a vial. By now, the blood has turned to dust. However, twice every year, the blood reliquifies. The dates are September 19 which is Saint's Feast Day and the first Saturday in May. If the blood dust does not reliquify, the residents fear major disaster. Talk about superstitious. But, it seems to be true. The last time that it didn't reliquify, an earthquake hit southern Italy killing 3000 people. Well, it did liquify. Thank God. Scientists have proven that the dust is in fact blood but cannot explain how or why it reliquifies. Told you it was different.

Oldies: September 11, 2000...

Hey, hey! I started my new job today and I like it... alot. As you may or may not know, I'm now employed by Aurora University as a web developer for the Public Relations department. It's cool. I'm gonna be a jack of all trades there, not just a web developer. As I learn exactly what my job entails, I'll let y'all know as well.