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Friday, 16 August 2002: Katie and I took the day off today and headed downtown for the Cubs v. Diamondbacks game at Wrigley. Man, it's been years since I've been on the north side for a baseball game. It was fun and we had great seats. Granted the Cubbies did lose (what would you honestly expect?), we did get to see D-Backs ace Curt Schilling pitch his 20th victory of the season and former Cubbie Mark Grace come in at first base in the eighth inning. The ninth inning almost got a little hairy for the D-Backs as Curt blew his scoreless game by dishing a homerun to Sammy Sosa after whiffing him twice and making him ground out to shortstop once before. Soon after, Byung Hyun Kim (sp?) came in on relief for Schilling and let two batters get on base. I started to remember how Kim blew a game or two to the Yankees last year in the World Series. I would have liked to have seen the Cubs win, but why bother? What good will it do for this season for them to win one more game? So, let's just ensure that Schilling gets his 20, okay Kim? He did. And Katie and I had fun. That's what's important, right?

Thursday, 15 August 2002: Sorry I haven't been real diligent about updating you guys with needless information this week. However, it is for good reason. I have been working on a new section of this site. If you look at the link bar on the left, you will see a new addition dubbed "The Photo Album." Yes, it is just as it sounds... a ton of photos from different events. This is also where you will find all the honeymoon photos that were once located on the Wedding Pages. Now, I've finally finished posting all the honeymoon photos as well as pix from trips to Florida, the Adams' Family Easter, Christmas in our apartment, and the weddings of our friends Jason & Kara and Mike & Casey. So, enjoy. Oh yeah, since the pictures from our wedding/reception were not done digitally, they are not on the page yet since I have not gotten around to scanning them. Don't fret, though, they are coming soon. Hopefully.

Monday, 12 August 2002: Today was a bit hairy to say the least. Katie is no longer working at the school that she did last year. Since she was only a speech aide, she was deemed expendable when it came to budget cuts. So they never bothered to ask her back. However, since she opted for a 12 month pay schedule, her insurance was extended through the end of this month anyway. That was definitely a good thing. It gave her time to get in hours at her new job so she could get up to the equivalent of full time so they would offer her insurance. However, her hours haven't picked up as much as she hoped. She works as a part-time floating pharmacy tech at a new Walgreens and, since it's a new store, they are still working on developing a customer base. It has picked up, but not as quickly as many had hoped. She works a lot of hours, but since they are all fill-in hours at a couple of different stores, she's not actually officially on schedule as much as is needed to be insured. As a result, I've had to go in to my H.R. department and have Katie added to my insurance. Well, it finally hit home just how much adding her would reduce my paycheck. Metlife Dental was reasonable... double the number of people insured and you double the cost. Makes sense, right? Well, HMO Illinois (my insurance provider) doesn't make nearly as much sense. I double the people insured on my plan and they multiply my deductions fourfold. Ouch! Why the hell do they have to deduct so damned much? The other thing that killed me was that I didn't realize that here at AU, we pay in advance for our insurance. In other words, the money being deducted from my August paychecks goes to paying my September insurance premiums. If I want Katie insured for the month of September (which is what we want), I've got to deduct an entire months worth of premium payments from my next two paychecks in addition to what has to be taken out normally to cover costs. That's a big dip in my take home pay.

However, in the midst of my attempts at hari kiri (with apologies to Real Genius), Katie got a call from the head pharmacy tech at her Walgreens asking her if she wanted full-time hours. The other full-time tech needs to go to part-time status and Katie was the next in line because of her reliability and dedication to the store. This means not only that Katie is getting a helluva lot more pay (and regular pay, at that), but within a month, her hours should be at the level they need to be for her to be insured by Walgreens. Yes!!! I am very proud of you hon. See, you scratch Walgreen's back and they'll scratch your's. I love you hon. Somebody's watching over us.

Sunday, 11 August 2002: Katie picked up a copy of Us Magazine and the banner article listed at the top of the front cover had a blurb about how Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake had their first run in since breaking up. I just couldn't help but read the article. Apparently, they wound up at the same bar except Britney came with friends while Justin came with his new girlfriend, some dancer whose name escapes me (not that I care enough to actually remember it). Well, supposedly he went to the bar and Britney followed him. They had a heated argument, he left, and started dancing with his new girlfriend. Britney followed them on the floor and started matching him move for move in what Us called "a dance off." Jeezus. How old are these two? This is so West Side Story or Grease. Is this stuff for real or is it some cheap P.R. ploy? Are their careers that sad right now that they've got to resort to this piddly crap to stay in the spotlight? Or are the two of them trying to strut their stuff in an attempt to actually be cast in an off-Broadway version of West Side Story? Maybe N*Sync still has the desire to star Grease 3 and this is their way of showing it. Sick and twisted. Perhaps Britney is truly this obsessive in real life and this is her way of telling all the rest of the guys in the world who lust after her to back the hell off... she's a one-man kinda woman even if he doesn't want anything to do with her. Heh.


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