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Friday, 23 August 2002: Well, the last couple of days have sucked to say the least. Yesterday, I was sitting at work just plugging away on my computer when Katie called me. She asked if I could come home right away. Apparently, she was pulling out of her parking space at our apartment to go to work when her rear passenger tire fell off her car. Luckily her car landed on the tire so no damage was done to her shocks, struts, or the body of her car. But, it made it impossible to jack the car up to change the tire seeing as how the jackpoint on the car was sitting in the middle of the tire. I know it may sound like something out of blooper reel and the initial reaction would be to laugh at this. I understand that. But, think about it if you were sitting in the car when the wheel fell off. It's completely different from that perspective. You heart would jump up into your throat and you'd be driving on sheer paranoia for quite a while afterwards examining every little sound that your car makes. Then you start in with the "what if's." What if the car hadn't landed on the fallen wheel? What if it had been the other rear tire and the car landed on the gas tank? Kinda unnerving, isn't it? Katie was strong throughout, though, and I'm proud of her. Yeah, she's shaken up but not nearly to the degree that I thought she would be. We had to buy her a new rim and tire this morning since the other one was smashed in a bit. There's always something that you've gotta buy for your car, isn't there? You pray it's just gonna be your monthly payment, insurance, gas, and regular maintenance stuff but it never is.

Wednesday, 21 August 2002: Nooooooooooo. Say it ain't so.

It's a sad day for us fans of slasher flicks. I guess we should've seen the beginning of the end when Hollywood execs announced they were developing a movie pitting two of Hollywood's baddest slashers against each other in the same flick. This would, of course, be Freddy vs. Jason and capitalizes on the highly successful A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th series of films. To me, this film just sounded like a theatrical nightmare. How can you pit these two indestructibles against each other. No matter how you look at it, some camp is gonna walk away from this pissed off as all hell saying, "there is no way (fill in a name here) would lose to (fill in the other name here) in a grudge match." Well, what makes this even sadder is that these execs have decided to give the axe to longtime man-behind-Jason-Vorhees'-hockey-mask Kane Hodder. Their explanation was that he was too physically large to face up against Robert Englund's diminutive Freddy Krueger. They also would like to find someone who has more "poetic" eyes... ones that convey a sort of internal conflict... something more along the lines of The Phantom of the Opera. What the hell kind of crap is that? That's not what Jason Vorhees is all about. Half the scare factor behind this guy was the fact that his sheer size and power would make you crap your drawers before your head is even ripped off. I say we all join in a collective chant of "Hell No! Kane Can't Go!"

In other news, I am about to become a college student again. Well, not like a fulltimer or anything. I'm signing up for an Emergency Medical Technician course through Waubonsee Community College to begin next week. It meets two nights a week for a little over three hours per session. Should be interesting, eh? I'll let you all know how it goes.

Sunday, 18 August 2002: Well, the good news is that I've actually got all of our wedding ceremony and reception photos scanned. Bad news is that they're still a day or two away from being ready to post on the site. It took me five hours just to scan them and cut the scans down to individual images (I scanned four photos at a time and then had to cut them down). So, now I've got to crop all the images down to the same overall size, make any Photoshop editing that I may need to do (scans, after all, tend to look a lot rougher that digital photography), and get the pages prepped. Since there are so damned many pix that I scanned, I may have to break it down to more than just the two pages of thumbnails that I originally planned on. I'm doing this for those of you running the 'net on modems (like Katie and I at home). Ideally, having fewer images will make the pages load that much faster... ideally. I'll keep you all updated.


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